Jean Accola - Fine Art
jean accola

About the Artist

"I feel so grateful to be pursuing my life as an artist. I opened the Accola Gallery in a small farm town in Western Wisconsin thirty years ago and continue to use this as my studio and home base while traveling to far flung locations worldwide to paint and absorb the creative cultures of other lands. I painted for decades in watercolor and became known for my wildflower collage paintings in watercolor. After twenty years of this I needed a new direction and began the study of oil painting. I fell for the plein air painting movement and have a body of work in that genre; primarily midwestern US landscapes. More recently I began work on larger scale acrylic paintings, in part for ease of transporting when I traveled but also because in some ways acrylic is the child of oil and watercolor being a water based media. I continue to paint plant forms from flowers to ferns and onto fauna; the birds. Some works are more abstracted than others. I welcome a challenge and am happy to accept commissions."

Accola credits the influence of many other artists including: Holly Swift, Sister Barbara Cerney, her high school art teacher; Walter Williams and Margaret Mason, both great teachers and mentors, the study of Sumi-e with Susan Frame and workshops by Alan Servoss, Lee Weiss and Chen Kee Chee. She attended Clarke College in Dubuque, IA, Augsburg College, Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, where she majored in biology.

Jean has been honored to do paintings for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, the Minnesota State Parks, the Wisconsin Academy Review, the Northern Gardener, and many private and corporate collectors.

Jean is married to Steve Peinovich, also known as Yata, a well regarded musician. They have two adult children. They live in a converted country schoolhouse in Western Wisconsin.